Monthly Archives: April 2012

We need to concern ourselves more with food.

I work in an industry impacted by the green movement. It’s great that people are concerned about our impact on Mother Nature. I am surprised, however, by the lack of interest in what we consume. I am obviously well aware of the all-natural and organic foods crowds, but I’m talking beyond this. Do we actually KNOW what we’re eating? Not long ago I found out farm-raised salmon is died pink. Then there was the whole “pink slime” fiasco. Now we’re finding out that a red food coloring is made from bugs (courtesy of Starbucks, who will now thankfully be moving to a tomato-based dye).

What surprises me is that this, compare to many other concerns out there, isn’t too big of a deal to the average consumer. People freak out and gag at first, but continue to buy these items. I read comments from news articles covering the bug additive and read a lot of “who cares, it’s just bugs” and “do you know how many bugs you eat in one day” and while it could be argued that it isn’t that big of a deal (I personally think it’s disgusting) doesn’t this make anyone else stop and think about what else we don’t know about? Am I the only one wondering what is in my food? I try to make smart choices – no boxed food, no frozen meals – and yet I’m left wondering how much of a better choice a chicken breast sautéed with vegetables is.

Basically, I think we need to be more aware and more concerned with what is in our food. I don’t want people to fear monger over their food of course. But I do think we need to know what we are putting in our bodies, and let those that provide it know that we’re not happy when they sneak something by us. Many people don’t have an issue with it and that’s fine. Picky eaters like me, however, want to know. My goal is to raise awareness of the examples of our food not being what we’re expecting it to be.